DRIVOR™, an Online Marketing Platform,  was designed by business people to find customers. It wasn’t designed by research scientists to provide information to other scientists. That’s twenty year old technology, and its time has come and gone. So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, spending your money, and seeing very little in return, then maybe it’s time you created the online marketing platform you always thought you should have. It’s time to get rid of the website, and update to a DRIVOR™ site.

Old websites are like billboards.

Glaring, intrusive… and usually forgotten right after you get past them. That’s because old websites are based on Web 1.0, and they are stuck in that “one way traffic” jam. But a DRIVOR™ site, based on Web 2.0, is more like a virtual showroom. You talk to people. You listen to people. You proactively engage with people in a calm, reliable, comfortable way that leaves them with a great feeling about you and your business. And what’s best is your competitors are nowhere to be seen. You control everything your customer experiences. Nobody else can drop an ad in the middle of your sales presentation.

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