Cross education with entertainment, and you get a great way to teach, inspire, and hold the interest of people of all ages.

Apseom creates immersive environments, designed to surround guests in an historic, or even fantasy, atmosphere that  educates, excites, and entertains. From historical street settings, to fantastic worlds of airships and submarines, Apseom builds worlds that bring your guests back, time and time again.

We also have a wide range of actors, and re-enactors, available to bring the worlds to life. From the Viking age, to futuristic science fiction fantasies, we can populate your event with the people that make it memorable.

Set Design

Set design is all about vision… and engineering.

The first order of business is to create the imagery and plan the perspectives. Most sets are only seen from one or two angles. When Apseom builds a set, though, cameramen and guests are often able to view them from multiple angles, giving them the freedom to truly immerse themselves within the world.

So whether it’s a television studio set, or a trade show environment, Apseom can turn your space into something truly extraordinary.

Rapid Response Team

Apseom has designed, built, and displayed their sets at unbelievable speeds. Having worked on multiple 48-hour film projects, including fantasy films, these kinds of sets need to be put up and torn down in hours, not days or weeks. So if you need quality sets, stages, or props built fast, Apseom is your one-stop shop.

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