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One Quick Question that can Grow Your Business Exponentially

Growing your email list with quality contacts is a lot easier than you think. It may take more time, but the payoff is potentially huge.

Adding real people to your email list is probably the hardest, and easiest, thing you’ll ever do. In fact, just asking them to be on your email list is probably not the best word choice. I suggest trying something different.

The next time you’re out at an event, whether it’s a networking meeting or a social gathering, if someone offers you their card, then ask them this simple question:

Can I send you my newsletter?”

Think about it. They are offering you their card so you can contact them. Often, they are giving you their card so you will buy something from them. By asking for something in return, or offering to give them more information about the topic they find interesting, you are doing them a favor.

And you’re doing yourself a favor as well. Building your organic email list with IRL people (In Real Life) can really help you focus your articles and posts in the future. You know who these people are that receive your newsletter, and as a result, you are more likely to speak directly to their needs and interests.

So don’t be afraid to ask people if you can send them your newsletter. It’s a great way to build a quality list of people who are sincerely interested in your product or service.


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